Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tacos, PBJ and oatmeal

Had the little guys again tonight. The tacos were the usual hit. Silence for about 20 minutes as we all eat our individual tacos. Grandson number 1 reminded us we didn't have any "whipped cream" on the table. He meant "sour cream" and Grampy got it. Of course we had it. Tacos without sour cream? Nada.

Then, it is still snowing outside, so off to baths and Joe wanted to watch Power Rangers. So we washed quickly and put on the movie. I admit, I am not a Power Ranger person, and so busied myself with tomorrow's breakfast, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and orange juice for the boys. After that they wanted oatmeal. Which I made as the dutiful Grammy. They ate it all! Is this the harbinger? Will the boys really eat us out of house and home? My spouse and I had all girls. 5. Tina is the only one I remember really eating alot on a growing binge. She would eat 2 huge bowls of Mighty Mights every morning when she was in Jr. High.

So, here you are.

Circle PBJ Sandwiches.

2 pieces of bread
Spread on the peanut butter on one side.
Strawberry jam or grape jelly on the other side.
Put together.
Take a drinking glass with a wide rim and use as a cookie cutter and cut a circle.
Kids love these Circle Sandwiches. If you have cookie cutters, you can make heart shapes, and many other shapes. Go for it!

Buy the little packages of one serving.
There are a variety of different flavors and kids love to
have a choice. My grandkids like Maple Syrup and Brown Sugar Flavor.
So in the mornin' we will have Oatmeal ant Toast and then we will be off to the races!


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