Sunday, March 29, 2009

Great Fried Chicken

I gave you this recipe before, but we ate it tonight and it was great!

Cut up the chicken into sizes you like, and that will fit into the frying pan!
Zesty Italian Dressing.
Potato flakes from instant potatoes.

I use Olive Oil in the pan although others like butter or margerine. Use what you like.

Salt and pepper the chicken. Will it stay on through the process? I guess so.
Put the Italian dressing into a bowl and also the potato flakes into another bowl.
Cover the chicken with the dressing and then dip into the flakes: put into the hot frying pan and cover.
Fry for 6 minutes and then check. I go about 5 more minutes. You know, it all depends on the temperature of the chicken. Turn over for 4-6 minutes. Ours was still a little bit frozen tonight and then you have to cook it longer. Total maybe 30 minutes if the chicken is cold, and less if it is not.

Gosh, it was good! In fact, I am going to go and have a little snack of it before I go to bed.

We had fresh broccoli and Grampy cooked real potatoes and I made gravy. We had a real "hoedown" supper!


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