Thursday, March 26, 2009

An Excellent Supper, Suzie's Tea and Weather report

Tonight Pedro y yo collaborated on a great supper. It was ALL from Leftovers and some fresh veggies we had in the 'fridge. Oh, he had fresh Fish which topped off the Stir Fry Supper we did. Let me tell you what we did.

I started with the chopped green peppers and green onion from the tacos last night. Started them frying in olive oil. Then added the old onion (chopped) I found in the fridge. The found a 1/2 of a red pepper in the fridge and cut off the bad parts and added it. Added some fresh chopped garlic and some of my crushed cayenne pepper. We had leftover chopped tomatoes from the tacos last night and added them last. So we had a super looking dish with green and red and white---lots of flavors.

So we sauteed all this and then added the leftover rice from the Chinese take out Peter got to go two nights ago. It picked up the moisture wonderfully and became nice tender rice again. (Do you find that Chinese take out rice really dries up fast(ly)?)

IT WAS DELICIOUS! all the flavors combined. I added a -little- soy sauce. (Emphasize little). I should add we started the whole process in olive oil, my favorite, and so good for you.

So go into your 'fridge, and stir everything together, being mindful of tomatoes which take only a minute or two to cook. Add something like shrimp or fish or balogna (if that's what you have!) or nothing if you like just vegetarian. I like to add the cayenne and garlic. It will make any dish sit up and take notice!

Then after you eat your supper, have a nice cup of Suzie's Tea. We have two kinds here and they are both delicious. Tonight I have her "White Flowers" tea. I say that because there is no label except the picture of white flowers, thus............

I am unhappy to report that it snowed again all day. Not much. Only flurries to remind you it is still winter. I saw my breath . (Cold people knows what this means.) It was 26 degrees when I came home for supper. OH MY GOD! When will this end??The boys are ready for a break and little Joe refuses to put on his coat. He know it is Spring. Mother Nature just doesn't know it.
When it comes, it will be with a vengeance. So I will put on my 'jammy's when I come home from work and take it easy. Come Spring and Summer, I will don my work clothes for the garden and lawn after work and get some much needed excercise and pleasure working with the earth and Mother Nature.

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  1. I love this post -- and not just because you mention me in it! I love the thought of making those leftovers go the extra mile. You're making me hungry!