Sunday, May 31, 2009

One Delicious Grilled Chicken! Kansas Style.

Here we go. This is a Great chicken reipe. It's from The Kansas City Barbeque Society and we have enjoyed this recipe for about 20 years. I like to make it after the kids are out of school for the summer.

We had it tonight with corn on the cob and peas.

Enjoy this delicious recipe.

1 whole roasting chicken (about 6 pounds) (We had a fryer about 3-4 lbs)

2 t. tarragon

1 t. oregano

1 t.paprika

1/4 t. cayenne pepper

2 t. basil

1 t. thyme

1.t. savory

1/2 t. freshly ground black pepper

olive oil

4 bay leaves.

4 cloves garlic, minced

Soak 1 1/2 cups mesquite chips in water 20 minutes. Prepare the grill. Mix the seasonings in a bowl (except garlic and bay leaves.) Prepare chicken by rinsing and drying with a paper towel.

Rub the chicken generously with olive oil. inside and out. Sprinkle with the spices. Put garlic and bay leaves insides the cavity.

Use indirect heating on the grill (spread the briguettes around the outside and put the chicken in the middle.) Put an aluminum drip pan underneath the chichen. Add about 8 charcoals every 40 minutes to keep it going. Go to `160 degrees about 2 1/2 hours. Add mesquite chips every so often.

After you remove the chicken, put on a plate a let rest 15 minutes before carving. They say that the juices rest in the meat.

This was really good!!!!!!

Corn on the cob broken in two for smaller pieces was wonderful and frozen peas filled in the veggie spot.


Monday, May 11, 2009

Asparagas and Rhubarb

I now know why I like gardening more than the computer. The garden allows you to make mistakes and not completley louse up your whole night looking for your blog. Suffice it to say I am on the verge of tears with this whole trying to log on to this blog, and I am NEVER on the verge of tears in my garden. So my best friend continues to be my garden and my social acquaintance is the computer. Actually my best friend has been my garden for a long time (except for my real best friend Sue), so this computer thing is only the continuation of an antagonistic relationship.

That being said, my blog tonight is about the asparagas I picked from the garden last night. Finally I got enough for a full serving. That's about right. I planted it 3 years ago and this is the 4th season, and it's no cutting the first year, 2 weeks cutttng the 2nd yr.; 4 weeks cutting the 3rd year and now this year I can cut until midsummer. They were delicious. We had them on a salad, with chives from the garden. (In my previous blog which was lost I told how to blanch them--just steam for about 3 minutes to soften up--then cool under cold water and drain and put over the salad. It was wonderful! )

I have rhubarb in the garden and I will make it Wednesday. Warm rhubarb crisp with cream and brown sugar. Yuuuummmm!



Cut about 8 cups into pieces. Put in the bottom of a pie pan or any pan you have. Over the top, place a mixture of a combination of whatever of the following you have:

Some oatmeat flakes (1-2 cups)
Brown sugar (1 cup)
Butter or Alterntive (1 to 2 cups, depending on how you like it!)
Some white sugar if you like
Some Cinnemon, and nutmeg
A cup of flour more or less to your liking

Mix it up with a spoon or your hands (Wash your hands first!!!!)

Spread this over the top of the rhubarb and bake for 30 -45 minutes until done.

Eat and enjoy this great spring dessert!