Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday supper with the grandkids who are sick

December 07
Grammpy made a baked chicken. If you can't make a baked chicken, then here is the recipe.
Take a whole chicken. Put it in a pan. Put in the oven. Turn on the oven. Bake at 375 degrees until done. O.K. the " until done " part is tricky. 2 hours, more or less, i would say. But get real. Can't you tell tell if something is bloody and not done, or if it is done? Ue a little common sense, please. More to the point, if you have a thermometer, chicken is done at 170 to 185 degree. A meat thermometer is cheap. Buy one. It will last a long time.
Broccloli steamed for 8 minutes to get done. Delicious.
Baked potatoes in the oven with the chicken.
Best of all. Greenhouse grown tomatoes with feta cheese, green and black olives. Dish up and put on your favorite. Lemon, vinegar, oil--whatever.

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