Sunday, March 15, 2009

Tacos for Toddlers

February 26

Out grandsons like Tacos. Now this has way more to do with Control Over Their Lives than eating. We have free reign and free choice when it comes to making your tacos. We have shells. We have lettuce, tomatoes, sliced green olives, and sliced ripe olives. We have shredded cheese. We have, of course, the hamburger/taco salsa mix, green onions, chopped. We have sour cream, hot salsa, and homemade salsa verde. It is a Mexican smorgasbord. Each person makes their own concoction. Boy, is it silent when we start to make our own tacos. And it is even more silent when we start to eat. It is about 20 minutes of silence and we make tacos and eat.
The boys love making their own meal out of the things they love to eat. The only thing we insist
they eat or drink is their milk, which they do every time they eat here.
Buy a good Tacos Mix at the store. You need a pound of hamburger. Cook according to directions.
The "accoutrements" are the fun part. Lettuce torn in small pieces: chopped tomatoes: chopped green onions; chopped green peppers; sliced green olives; sliced ripe olives (double that for our grandsons); hot tomato salsa; my homemade Salsa Verde (green salsa available at stores); diced green peppers; grated cheese; sour cream--muchos muchos (our grandchildren think the sour cream is the best part).
Have tacos shells and/or the little 'salad bowls' the boys like also because you can eat them.
Try as they might, the little guys just can't find a fault with this meal. All is well.....and quiet on the western front when we eat this midwestern supper.

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