Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Off Dead Center

Geez. Nobody is blogging these days. Is everybody on Facebook? Rats, I just get caught up by getting a Blog, and everyone goes to Facebook. Well, I have no immediate plans of going there. EMail and Blog will have to do for now. Maybe when I Retire (when I get Old), I will have all the time in the World to go to Facebook and Everywhere else on the computer. I'll just sit at the computer all day and sleep all night and get big and fat and lazy!

Well! So much for that rant!

I thought it would be nice to have a brand new recipe to pique your interest. What would that be, you (and I) ask? Good question.


Well, a nice Seafood dip to eat as great rich salad or a dip for veggies or crackers or bread would be a nice Spring Thing. And this is very inexpensive, as you will note, some ingredientes you probably have on hand. The only notable expense is the (fake) crab legs. (If you are local, I'll give you the Cayenne pepper and dill seed).

Sea legs. (Fake crab legs at the supermarket, or the real thing. )
Green Pepper
Dill weed (if desired, adds a nice flavor)(Or can be dill seed, altho I have never tried that).

Well, the church lady that gave me the recipe, that is it. Yes. No other directions. Nada. The end.

So, if I must, here is my suggested procedure.

Cut up the sea legs, crab meat into little pieces.

Put in a bowl and add some chopped celery (1 cup), chopped onion (1/2 cup), chopped green pepper (1/2 cup).

Use Hellmans Mayonnaise. It is the BEST! Mix. (How much? Start with 3/4 cup and add as desired!)

Add dill weed, which are the little ferny leaves on the dill. Fresh or dried. I think some actual dill seeds would also be good. If you have a little cayenne pepper, I would add. For myself, because I like a little kick, I would add about 1/8 tsp. Para ti?--- a little goes a long ways! A few flakes, like 1/16 of a teaspoon. Start slowly and add more each time you make this.

By the way. I grow muchos cayenne peppers. I had many dozen (12 dozen) and dried them and they are hanging over my kitchen sink (high). I snip off a whole or a half as needed, which is daily. It has pretty much taken over garlic as my favorite herb. I suppose many people are happy about this (joke). Anyway, this is a great garden herb, dries effortlessly after being picked, and is good all winter. Oh yeah, I was going to say, as it gets more dried and older, of course it loses some of it's initial hotness. So if you only used a pinch when it was fresh, you can use more and more as it dries. I now use a half or a whole on my ensalada each night.

So, the point of this Blog is to get you off dead center and start Bloggin' and eating Seafood Dip!

Are we excited?



Oh yeah, I was going to say. That for the gardeners amongst you, cayenne peppers are a staple. In CA they must like the heat. I have them in the sunniest part of the garden and they absolutely love it there. For the midwesterner (WI and MN) gardener, I would say, plant them in full sun if you can, or the sunniest part of your garden. Other easy to grow plants, are banana peppers and jalopenos. And they are so good in summer salsa,...... ..by the pool on a hot day....... .....can you tell I am longing for summer?

Oh, for an apartment dweller, I would suggest a pot garden. Put the little fellers' in a clay pot on the balcony or in front of the window where the sun comes in. Also, I was wondering if a tomotiillo plant would do well in a pot in an apt? I think 'little miss gardener' might want to try that. Plants don't take up much space and they are friendly.


  1. I love this recipe. You made this when you were in Big Bear with us, remember? It was after we had Fourth of July at that place with the crab legs. We had leftovers, remember? Yum!

  2. Yes, I remember. What a nice time!